New Retired Faculty Welcomed to ARRUF

New Retired Faculty Welcomed to ARRUF

On May 3rd, Provost Marie Lynn Miranda honored seventeen Rice University faculty who retired this year by hosting the Association of Retired Rice University Faculty Annual Meeting and Reception. All retired faculty automatically become members of ARRUF, and their spouses or domestic partners become associate members. The occasion sparked big smiles as colleagues greeted old friends, as the photographs show. ARRUF members are eager for the newcomers to get involved in ARRUF activities (see what’s planned for the year ahead).

The honored 2017-2018 faculty retirees are

John Anderson, W. Maruice Ewing Professor in Oceanography

Bernard Aresu, Laurence H. Favrot Professor in Classical and European Studies

Richard Batsell, Jesse H. Jones Distinguished Associate Professor of Marketing

Baruch Brody, Andrew W. Mellon Professor in Humanities

Philip Brooks, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry

Richard Brown, Professor of Percussion

Raquel Gaytán, Senior Lecturer in Spanish

José Narbona, Senior Lecturer in Spanish

Jennifer George, Mary Gibbs Jones Professor of Management

Richard Grandy, Carolyn and Fred McManis Professor of Philosophy

Paul Hester, Lecturer in Visual and Dramatic Arts

Nicolas Iammarino, Professor of Kinesiology

Stephen Klineberg, Professor of Sociology

Jill “Thad” Logan, Senior Lecturer in English

John Olson, Ralph and Dorothy Looney Professor Emeritus in BioSciences

Frank Tittel, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Bioengineering

During the meeting, the chair of the Benefits and Privileges Committee, Bob Curl, explained the preliminary results of the committee’s study (read it here). Some policies prevent retired faculty who are not emeritus from full use of IT accounts and access to Fondren Library’s on-line resources. Curl is dedicated to working with the University to modifying these policies. At present, a retired faculty member can use on-line resources when he or she is physically present in the Fondren Library building, but not from home, pertinent if “home” is in Santa Fe or Seattle. The committee has also undertaken a survey of department chairs and deans to document the roles of retired faculty and to explore administrators’ thinking about how retired faculty might contribute to the schools’ and departments’ goals in the new C2V2 plans. A full report will be ready by fall.

Director Sidney Burrus reported on the Budget Committee’s plans and its approval of some funds for additional administrative help that will be needed to support the ambitious activities plan for 2018-2019. ARRUF has benefitted this year from the guidance and work of staff in the Provost’s Office: Jana Callan, the Chief of Staff, and Gloria Carrera and Diana Heard. It has been Diana’s quick replies that registered requests for the Holiday Luncheon, workshops, and other events. Their help has been vital to the start-up process.

In her remarks to the group, Provost Miranda expressed her support for ARRUF’s vision and her appreciation for the achievements of retired faculty. President Leebron spoke about the kind of serious but convivial organization that would become a destination for faculty at the culmination of their careers. He wryly mentioned that as he comes closer to becoming an ARRUF member, he thinks more about the benefits of belonging to ARRUF. Provost Miranda called the new retirees to stand with her on the patio steps for photos, and she invited all members to celebrate at the reception. Colorful trays of cheeses and crostini as well as elaborate desserts were displayed in the lounge and consumed with pleasure.

This year’s annual meeting and reception marked ARRUF’s first birthday, and the year ahead looks bright. All members are invited to read the annual report and the interim benefits report as well as the events schedule organized either by type of event or by dates, calendar style, and explore what the role of retired faculty can become.

Retirees with Provost