Directors' Announcement

Clarence Miller, Director, photo


To address the unusual circumstances this year, it was necessary to modify some provisions of ARRUF by-laws. During June, 2020, efforts by individual members of the 2019-2020 Executive Committee and a request for nominations sent to all ARRUF members did not yield any nominations for the position of a third ARRUF Director to replace Sidney Burrus, whose term of office expired on June 30, 2020.  Uncertainty due to the coronavirus pandemic doubtless contributed to this result.  Hence, no election for Director in June was held.

     In July Mark Kulstad expressed interest in the position but said that he could not agree to the three-year term of office specified in ARRUF’s by-laws. Following discussion with Mark, the two continuing directors decided to submit Mark’s nomination to the 2020-2021 Executive Committee for approval.  However, changes to the by-laws were required to allow not only a shorter term of office but also the unusual process for naming a Director. 

     Allowed by the by-laws to approve changes in their provisions, the Executive Committee on August 13, 2020, approved the changes shown nearby.  Some of them provide flexibility by (1) allowing Director terms less than three years in length under unusual circumstances and (2) providing more flexibility for terms of committee co-chairs and in the annual June election schedule. The other change allows the Executive Committee to appoint a Director without a general election under special circumstances provided that nominations have previously been requested from all members but none were received.

     Following the above action on by-law changes, the Executive Committee approved appointment of Mark Kulstad as Director for the 2020-2021 year. We appreciate Mark’s offer to assist in this tumultuous year.

Reporting: Directors Clarence Miller and Ahmad Durrani                 By-Laws Revisions